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Dryakin Andrey Borisovich, Applicant, sub-department of diplomatics, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (university) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; head of consular department, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Jamaica (22 Norbrook drive, Kingston, Jamaica),

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Background. Development of a good and effective strategy for Russia's participation in the global energy markets is a priority of the energy policy of the country. The importance of the energy sector of the Russian economy is reflected in the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020. At the present time
one of the most important trends in development of the Russia's energy policy is effective development of interaction with the Asia-Pacific region. The aim of the study is to identify the main directions of the Russian energy policy in the Asia-Pacific and evaluate the prospects.
Materials and methods. The research was mainly based on the analysis of basic legal documents of the Russian Federation regulating the foreign policy aspects in general and the energy policy in particular. Special attention is paid to official statements on the problem, as well as documents of negotiations and conferences
held by Russian energy corporations and the countries of the East. The intensity of the meetings, conferences and meetings, as well as a growing number of signed contracts and agreements reflect an increasing interest in the region from Russian energy producers.
Results. The author investigated basic directions of the energy diplomacy of the Russian Federation in the Asia-Pacific region, the evolution of the interests of Russian companies in the region and prospects for cooperation.
Conclusions. Energy cooperation with the countries of the East is a developing energy policy, especially in the last decade. Despite the existing obstacles, the studied aspect of the energy diplomacy, of course, has a huge potential, which is reflected not only in the official statements, but also in a growing number of transactions
in the energy sector.

Key words

energy sector, energy policy, Strategy of National Security of the Russian Federation, Asia-Pacific region.

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